The Horiguchi Coffee Philosophy

At Horiguchi Coffee, we roast, sell and deliver fresh coffee made from the world's highest quality green coffee. We have found that even as we search for the quintessential coffee bean, a majority of the beans distributed globally lack the level of quality and freshness we wish to provide our customers. Though we are a small company, our ambition is a large one. We want to show Japan and the world just how wonderful a truly great cup of coffee can be. We're driven to achieving the perfect balance of floral, fruity and chocolaty notes in a clean-finishing coffee, and that is something that only the highest grade green coffee, together with superior roasting techniques, can provide.

Horiguchi Coffeeis guided by three inviolable conditions when roasting coffee.

  • 1. Use only high end specialty grade green coffee
  • 2. Use advanced roasting techniques
  • 3. Sell only beans that have been roasted within the past 48 hours.

Toshihide Horiguchi, Horiguchi Coffee Owner and Roastmaster.

Horiguchi Coffee proprietor Toshihide Horiguchi is a leading authority on coffee and culinary arts in Japan, famous for his uncompromising dedication to quality and highly-discriminating palate. An author of several Japanese books on the subject and a mainstay on the seminar circuit, Horiguchi's aim is to enable people to discover the flavorful depth and beauty of great coffee.

Our Coffee's Distinguishing Traits

Horiguchi Coffee roasts are at once "fresh and clean, floral and fruity, sweet and bitter" with each distinctive trait perfectly tempered to complement each other and produce a profoundly fulfilling and sublimely smooth coffee-drinking experience.

Our Roaster

In the proper hands, our specially-designed, open-flame, rotary drum coffee roaster is capable of expressing mildly bitter, pleasingly acidic and elegantly sweet flavors from the coffee beans even with a French roast. Nothing is more unpalatable to us than a dark roast that tastes charred and excessively smoky.

Our Coffee

We think of coffee as fresh produce. We only ship beans roasted that day or the day before and then see to it that our customers receive them no later than the following day.


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